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are mischievous, intelligent and vivid cats. 
They need human company, attention and playtime to 
feel comfortable.
Cashmeres are feeling like true members of the family, and that's what they should be, taking part in the daily life. They love the company of their humans and want to be where they are. Be it to watch them being busy or to 'help' or just to take a nap close to them. 
Vivid as they are, they never will miss an invitation to play. Some of them are passionate retrievers, steadily bringing back their toys, impatiently waiting to see them thrown again. You never will go wrong playing running- and hunting games and some even enjoy playing hide and fetch. 
When bored they are looking around for a toy to bounce about with. They do not care at all whether it is theirs or not. anything is a Cashmere toy!
Have you left your not yet read news paper somewhere? Soon it may be occupied by the four-footed family member. News papers are sizzling beautifully when attacked or pushed through out the room. They can be ripped into small stripes and give a wonderful 'hat' to hide down under. 
Tissue packages are fine as well. They can be carried around easily and blow up so nicely when bathed in the water bowel.
Might be you have forgotten to close the bathing room door or your cat is able to open it? Toilette paper is a real thrill to roll off and to bounce around with it.
Most Cashmeres like high places. So don't be surprised to find your cat on shelf, looking down at you. They are athletic cats and some of them succeed to jump from the floor right on top of the door. 
You already may have suspected that this might not be the end of the list. When you are feeling a slight grumble in the stomach while reading this, a Cashmere is not made for you. But when it is bringing a smile on your face...
Don't let your Cashmere become bored and think of a second vivid cat. They will have so much fun wrestling together and grooming each other. And last not least they have company when their humans are out of home.
Smart and intelligent as they are, they integrate well into a family. They always succeed in making you laugh and having a Cashmere around never will be boring. It's too hard to resist them.
Rasse Standard

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