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Planned breedings for 2010:
Touch of Fire Childlike Princess Moon
Touch of Fire Desert Jewel
All of our kittens are vaccinated  for 
FVR/P and Felf and they are dewormed. They come chipped  and  with a vetenarian health certificate. All pet kittens are sold with spay/neuter contract or already neutered without exception.
When considering to make an animal yours, 
please keep in mind that you are going to take responsibility for a living and feeling being, who will trust and love you - and who is completely depending on you. We wish for our kittens that they will get the love and care they are used to for all their life time. Therefore we are willing to provide you with all information needed to make your decision and to keep in touch when the kitten is in your home.
Cashmeres are mischievous, vivid and playful. 
They are very human related and need attention and play time to feel comfortable. They love company and most of them do best, living with another vivid cat. When interested in one of  our kittens, please read more about Cashmere personality first. In the best interest of our cats we want to be sure that you will be happy with your new family member.
Looking through our homepage, you already got an imagination about us. We want to know where our cats will live, so we ask you to introduce yourself, when requiring for one of our kittens.
To take a look at our past kittens click on Gallery.
Childlike Princess Moon x Touch of Fire

Rasse Standard

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