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About Us

My Name is Dorit Kersting

and I live with my family in
the old City of Aachen, located in the very west of Germany.
I welcome you to the Kadima Cashmeres website, created to introduce my cats and my breeding program and to share the Cashmere story. Following the links on the left you may find lots of information on the breed as well as a number of Cashmere photos. 
Together with my husband I run a small in-home cattery. Our cats are, first and foremost, our beloved pets. The females have free run in the house and follow us everywhere. They "help" with the house work and with cooking and share our bedroom at night. We give great value to a sweet personality and sometimes I am too surprised how careful our cats are with their claws when touching us. 
We only have few litters the year and our kittens are raised within the family. They are handled with love from the moment they are born. For us it is pure joy to see them grow, watching their exuberant play and cuddling with them.
Within my breeding program I am working to achieve my vision of the perfect Cashmere some day: Long, sturdy body with good all over type and wildcat like movements. Very clear and silky coats with warm to bright colors. Nicely contrasted, flowing pattern. Expressive faces with big, wide set eyes, prominent whisker pads, big noses, strong chin, good profile and small ears.  
Please note: Kadima Cashmeres is a closed cattery. We do not give stud or queening service, nor do we sell kittens from our breeding program to the shorthair breed.

How I became a Cashmere breeder:

Sometimes  things in life are  starting with tidbits of colored glass, fitting perfectly into the bigger puzzle in the end.  
One of those was an incredibly beautiful cat residing like a queen on an accumulation of bales within the old Bazar of Marrakech. Her coat was made from golden silk, covered with huge ink black spots. Never before I have seen a cat with longer hair, laying beneath the resting cat like a curtain. I wished I could have stayed a little bit longer, but it was the end of my holiday and no time to even take a closer look at her ...
The following year I tried to find her again, but within the labyrinth of Jamaa al-Fna with all the perfumes of such a different world and it's confusing backlash of light and shadow I wasn't even able to tell the drapery apart from all the other ones. 
There is no more left than an elusive image of a small golden cat with an oriental shaped head, but it seems some of her magic stardust stayed on me.
It was spring 1998, when I saw the first Bengal on a cat show. I already stayed for a while close to the cage, when someone took me aside and whispered: Such a beauty with longer hair, wouldn't it be great? I couldn't get it out of my head and thought about cross breeding with Turkish Angora.  
Talking to Bengal breeders I soon found out that there are born long haired kittens from time to time. You may imagine how excited I was, when I saw the first pictures! I was totally hooked. They were precious these "wild ones" with the longer hair. And from coat, color, pattern and type so very different to any other long hair breed. Now I was sure: They should have their own place within the cat fancy!
I imagined how they might look some day, "my" Cashmeres: A wild looking cat, with an extremely clear, shimmering coat, sparkling with the colors of an autumn forest, when the sun makes the leaves glow, while painting golden spots on the dark trunks of the trees.
At that time there was no one, who thought about breeding for pure bred long haired Bengals, nor was there a name for them. But even worse: Unwanted within the Bengal breed, these kittens were denied and hidden away - and not at all sold for breeding. You may imagine that it took me a while to find the right breeding pair - but finally I succeeded and got what I was looking for! 
As far as I know we still own the only cattery world wide, breeding
with and for long haired Bengals only.
Rasse Standard

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